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Outlast Outlast The Outlast Trials OST (Tom Salta) - 2 Vinyl

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Tracklist: LP 1: 01. Let The Trials Begin 02. Forget The Past 03. Triage 04. Clean Slate 05. Too Many Cooks 06. A Night At The Theatre 07. Meet Dr. Futterman 08. Grind Your Problems Away 09. The Weight Of Memories 10. I Love It Here 11. Permanent Record 12. Let Go Of The Past 13. Burden Of Skeletons 14. Every Last Bastard 15. My Little Piece Of Heaven 16. You Don’t Have To Do This 17. We Got Laws Around Here 18. The Promise Of A Dark Room 19. Snitch 20. Well Done LP 2: 01. A Place So Wonderful 02. No Rules At The Fair 03. Come To The Fair 04. Killjoys Aren't Allowed Here 05. The Root Canal 06. Dental Hygiene Time 07. Brush Your Teeth 08. High And Dry 09. Punish Them, Daddy 10. Covent Garden Nuns 11. Little Angels 12. Can't Get It Out Of Your Head 13. A Cross To Bear 14. Motherless Children 15. We're All Getting Better Together

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