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Barbie: The Best Movie Release Of 2023

Image: Warner Bros [Screenshot]

The trend film of the year has now been running in cinemas since July 21, drawing large numbers of people in front of the big screens. Both the pink colored Barbie film and the film Oppenheimer, which opened on the same day, had already been very popular on social media in advance. Now the first success is showing!

A successful theatrical release was naturally foreseeable after all the memes on the Internet and the downright hype surrounding "Barbenheimer". But now we have the first numbers to confirm this assumption.

The Success Of Barbie

The budget for the film Barbie was supposedly over 100 million U.S. dollars. But the film has long since made up for that, with its opening weekend already bringing in $162 million, making the theatrical release of Greta Gerwig's work the most successful of 2023 so far. In total, the film has now already brought in over $700 million since its release, so far even beating Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer with around $400 million.


The Barbie movie is not only known for its relevant social topics. For one, there are the acting talents Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who bring their characters Barbie and Ken to life. On the other, there's the film's soundtrack, also known as Barbie The Album. Numerous positive reactions to the film's musical accompaniment have already been posted on social media. If reviews are to be believed, it's the ultimate album for your summer of 2023.

“Barbie the Album Is Like a Perfect Night on the Dreamhouse Dancefloor”
- Rolling Stone

“The Album of Summer 2023”
- Cosmopolitan’s “Best Movie Soundtracks of all Time”

With a contribution from Ryan Gosling himself and the song "What Was I Made For?" by artist Billie Eilish on the soundtrack, it has indeed become a colourful album that's perfect to listen to on your next long car ride!

Jimin's Response To Ryan Gosling's Gift

Meanwhile, there was also an update on Ryan Gosling's gift to the singer of the K-Pop group BTS. Ryan Gosling had originally posted a video pointing out that he was wearing the same outfit in Barbie as Jimin in the music video for "Permission To Dance." Jimin has now posted a response video on social media, which we've linked you to directly below. The artist has obviously already received Ken's guitar!


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