Total duration: 3 working days until you should receive your order.

PayPal is the payment method for a quick, simple and safe payment of your online order. You don´t even need to be registered on PayPal before placing your order as you can do the registration during the order process. You will be automatically linked with the PayPal portal once you have chosen PayPal as your payment method. Now you can log in or set up a new account by connecting your PayPal account either with your Credit Card or bank account. All data will be saved only by PayPal and can be used for future payments without the need to enter your details again.

Paypal Express

Place your order with 3 clicks. Just log in to your PayPal account and confirm the transaction.

The advantages:

  • Faster checkout
  • No more entering your payment and address details

How it works:

  1. Choose PayPal
  2. Log in
  3. Check and/ or change shipping address
  4. Complete the payment

Credit Card

Payment via Crecit Card is a simple, safe and quick payment method. We accept VISA, Mastercard and Maestro Cards. The transaction is carried out with your security in mind and the data is encrypted for your protection.

All you need is a valid Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard or Maestro-Card). Just enter your Credit Card Number in the box. For verification please enter your card security code in the next box. This number is often located on the back of your Credit Card.

Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay, simply add your credit or debit card information in the Wallet app. You can also add loyalty cards and gift cards. Then, when making an online purchase, select Apple Pay, confirm with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode, and the card information will be securely used to complete the purchase without sharing data. This way, you pay quickly and securely.

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