A Day To Remember
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A Day To Remember A Day To Remember Bad Vibrations - CD

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The 5 pop punk heroes from A Day To Remember will release their long-awaited album 'Bad Vibrations' on August 19th and you have the chance to get two songs from the new album as an exclusive download now! With your order of 'Bad Vibrations' you'll recieve an e-mail from Impericon with your order number. This number is also the key to your exclusive download. Just enter your order number in the box and download the ZIP file for the songs. Important: The download only works with orders that contain the A Day To Remember album 'Bad Vibrations'. Follow this link and type in your order number to load the two songs. Tracklist: 1. Bad Vibrations 2. Paranoia 3. Naivety 4. Exposed 5. Bullfight 6. Reassemble 7. Justified 8. We Got This 9. Same About You 10. Turn Off The Radio 11. Forgive and Forget

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