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Radfahren und Metal

Study Shows: Metal Is Popular For Cycling!

Image: Coen van de Broek on Unsplash

There is a recent study that focused on what songs and artists are most listened to while riding a bike. Among them, rock and metal do quite well. Find out which bands are at the top of the list here!

Maybe you're a passionate cyclist yourself or you just go to the gym a lot. If so, you probably always have a playlist with you that spurs you on and motivates you. In this study, we find out which rock 'n' roll classics most people listen to on their bikes!

1st Place: Thunderstruck By AC/DC

Not bad: The hard rockers from Australia occupy first place in the Spotify Cycling Playlists with "Thunderstruck". The best thing about it is that another well-known AC/DC song, "Highway To Hell," is right behind it in second place. Of course, it's a great song to speed down the road on your bike. Maybe even on a highway in the USA or Australia. And that's not all, because the band still appears twice in the top 25 songs of the bike playlists, with the song "Back In Black" at number 4 and "You Shook Me All Night Long" at number 7. Wow!

Other rock and metal bands are also represented. Among them Guns N' Roses with "Sweet Child O' Mine", Linkin Park with "In The End" and Nirvana with "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Even heavier music has its place. Metallica lands at No. 19 with "Enter Sandman" and "Last Resort" by nu-metal group Papa Roach even ahead of that at No. 16.


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The Top Metal Artists In Cycling Playlists

After this song selection, it's probably not surprising that metal bands also appear in the list of the top cycling artists. Although Drake (No. 1) and Eminem (No. 3) are right at the top, AC/DC follows at No. 5 and Metallica is also included again. In 18th place, just behind Metallica, are Five Finger Death Punch, then Linkin Park in 20th place. And of course the rock legends Queen are not missing from the Top 25 either!

Genres in comparison: So which music genre is most celebrated in the bike saddle? Unfortunately, rock is not quite in the lead: With 23% of the total share in the genre comparison, rock is very close behind hip-hop and rap with 25%. The bronze medal in 3rd place goes to pop music, but after that is metal again, with 12%! The genres country, dance/EDM and R&B follow, but from there on the percentages become very low.

And What Do Other Sports Enthusiasts Listen To?

The study also took a small detour into other playlists. According to this, when jogging, Taylor Swift is a very popular accompaniment, with her song "Shake It Off" at number 3 on the list. During CrossFit training, harder music is back again, with AC/DC and Papa Roach, but also with hip-hop by Eminem at No. 3. The same song, "Till I Collapse," is even at No. 1 during lifting exercise.

Auszug: 2023 Study

Makes you want to update your own playlist again, doesn't it? Then let's go!

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Source: 2023 Study

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