Killswitch Engage
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Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage Live At The Palladium Clear Moss Green - Marbled 2 Vinyl

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Tracklist: Side A 01. Unleashed 02. The Signal Fire 03. Us Against the World 04. The Crownless King 05. I Am Broken Too 06. As Sure as the Sun Will Rise Side B 07. Know Your Enemy 08. Take Control 09. Ravenous 10. I Can’t Be the Only One 11. Bite the Hand that Feeds Side C 12. Temple From the Within 13. Vide Infra 14. Irreversal 15. Rusted Embrace Side D 16. Prelude 17. Soilborn 18. Numb Sickened Eyes 19. In the Unblind 20. Just Barely Breathing

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