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Since 2004 we have been committed to the slogan "To Live Your Music". At that time, this primarily meant for us to outfit people with band merchandise and matching streetwear. Since then, our focus has constantly evolved and besides band shirts from various genres, you can also find current music releases at Impericon. However, the fact that we are not only enthusiastic music fans can be seen in our growing assortment of alternative fashion brands and entertainment merch from movies & series, games and anime.

Band Merch and Vinyl - To Live Your Music

From the very beginning we have worked closely with artists and bands like Parkway Drive or Heaven Shall Burn - bands that played in small clubs back then and fill huge concert halls all over the world today. In the beginning we limited ourselves to Metalcore, Hardcore and Deathcore, but our selection has grown: Today you can also get merch from genres like Metal, Rock and Punk. Among them you can find many famous names like Metallica or Nirvana. So we make sure that every fan's heart beats faster!

Entertainment Merch - Dive Into Fantastic Worlds

Dive into the world of Hogwarts with magical Harry Potter merchandise, or do you dare to enter the world of the Upside Down from Stranger Things? Almost all of the movies & series that have been celebrated by fans around the world in recent years are represented in our store. We don't stop at adventurous anime universes either and send you into the world of One Piece or Pokémon with the matching anime merch. If gaming is your first priority, you can keep the controller in your hands and relax, because we have gaming merchandise of the most popular games of all time for you.

Fashion Brands - The Latest Trends From The Alternative World

Impericon has always been more than just an ordinary merch store. In addition to our large selection of merchandise, we offer you a carefully selected range of fashion brands - closely linked to trends from the scene. Included are skate brands and current streetwear trends, which are equally suitable for concert, convention and everyday life. Our assortment also includes the hip rockabilly styles that bring back the charm of the 50s - including petticoats and suspenders. Are you a fan of dark fashion or are you part of the goth scene? Then you have found the new gothic shop of your dreams, because we supply everything you need for your black outfit.

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