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Studio Ghibli - Der Junge und der Reiher

Studio Ghibli: How Successful Is "The Boy And The Heron" In The USA?

Image: The Boy and the Heron - Studio Ghibli - Movie Poster

Studio Ghibli's new film "The Boy and the Heron" has been released in the USA. How successful is this, possibly last, masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki?

In the USA, the new film from the famous Japanese Studio Ghibli was released on December 8th. It marks the date that many animation fans have been awaiting for months. After all, the emotional and profound movies by filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki are legendary and internationally beloved. Titles like "Spirited Away" or "Princess Mononoke" are familiar to most from their childhood, even though they are definitely stories for the whole family.

For a while, there was no advertising for the new film. But as soon as it leaked that there would be one last film from Miyazaki after his retirement, fans were excited. And even though it was announced that "The Boy and the Heron" will really be his last film, it's hard to imagine given his creativity. After so many announcements of his retirement, this time skepticism is probably justified. However, the current film also includes many biographical aspects of Miyazaki, so a farewell is quite possible.

There is now a trailer that you can watch before going to the cinema:


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Record Numbers In The USA

Since the film has been on the big screen in America for almost a month now, its success can already be measured in numbers. On the first day alone, it grossed $5.4 million, setting a record for Studio Ghibli! It is the studio's most successful opening in history. Just behind it is "The Wind Rises" from 2013, which grossed $5.2 million. With this, the new title, "The Boy And The Heron," also landed at number 1 on the box office charts. And at Rotten Tomatoes, the Ghibli film is doing well also. The Tomatometer says: 97%! The audience is just slightly behind with a respectable 89%.

"If this really is Miyazaki’s final word, then it’s a conclusion worthy of his legacy. At the same time, his imagination remains so vast, it feels like he could keep creating forever."

  • Clarisse Loughrey

Happy Birthday - Hayao Miyazaki Turns 83

Last but not least, we wish Hayao Miyazaki, creator of so many impressive anime films, all the best! Today he celebrates his 83rd birthday. "The Boy and The Heron" is not his first work in which he incorporates his own experiences and memories. In other titles as well, there are always events from World War II in Japan.

We are very curious whether Miyazaki will now enjoy his well-deserved retirement or if he will still bring another idea to life!

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