Devil May Cry
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Devil May Cry Devil May Cry Devil May Cry OST (Capcom Sound Team) Transparent Red & Ochre - Colored 2 Vinyl

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Tracklist: LP 1: 01. Let's Rock (Title) 02. EV-01 (Opening) 03. ST-01 (Ancient Castle Stage) 04. Pubic Enemy (Battle Theme 1) 05. GM-03 (Divinity Statue) 06. Psycho Siren (Mid-boss Battle Theme) 07. Flock Off! (Griffon Appears - Battle Theme) 08. GM-04 (Mission Clear) 09. Red-Hot Juice (Phantom Appears - Battle Theme) 10. GM-02 (Continue) 11. Mental Machine (Nightmare Battle) 12. ST-03 (Ocean Floor Stage) 13. Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Battle Theme) 14. Devil Sunday (Sparda's Theme) 15. ST-02 (Cathedral) 16. EV-03 (Sin Scissors Appear) LP 2: 01. Lock & Load (Original) 02. Bloody Bladder (Escape from the Underworld) 03. Eva's Theme 04. Evil Vacuum (Underworld) 05. Super Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Appears - Battle Theme 3) 06. EV-19 (Nobody Appears) 07. EV-20 (Nightmare Barrier - Battle Theme) 08. Final Penetration (Underworld Stage) 09. Trish's Theme 10. EV-29 (Mother's Voice - Trish Appears) 11. Legendary Battle V2 (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 2 - Land) 12. ST-10 (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 3 - Underground) 13. EV-30 (Reunion - Too Late) 14. Pillow Talk (Ranking Music 1) 15. I'm Coming! (Escape) 16. Blue Orgasm (Blue Sky) 17. Dante & Trish - Seeds of Love (Ending Credits) 18. GM-06 (Game Over)

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