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Even though it hasn’t been very easy for Independent Labels, Metal Blade Records celebrated one of their most successful years in the long history of the label! What's crazy is that Metal Blade-founder Brian Slagel actually never intended to find a label, but instead only wanted to make a compilation with songs by smaller bands. One band that appeared on the CD was Metallica, who at that time, were in the beginning of their career. Frontman James Hetfield has stated several times that without Metal Blade, his band would not be where it is right now. From this moment on Metal Blade conquered the music scene, even releasing the debut record by Slayer and working with bands like Twitching Tongues, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Naera, As I Lay Dying or Cannibal Corpse, their success is admirable! On their website, Metal Blade still encourage newcomer bands to introduce themselves to the label. In spite of the huge success Metal Blade has, passion for good music is still the most important thing for them and that’s why this label is just perfect for our online shop!