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Teen Suicide Teen Suicide It's Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir The Horn - CD

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Tracklist: 1 Living proof 2 The big joyous celebration 3 Alex 4 Violets 5 Obvious love 6 It's just a pop song 7 V.I.P. 8 Wild thing runs free 9 Bright blue pickup truck 10 Big mistake 11 What you want 12 God 13 Heighborhood drug dealer 14 Have a conversation 15 Beauty 16 Pavement 17 America 18 Devotion 19 The things I love are killing me 20 Falling out of love with me 21 I don't think it's too late 22 Long way down 23 My little world 24 The hurricane 25 The stomach of the earth 26 If I don't see you before you leave


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