Suicide Silence
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Suicide Silence Suicide Silence The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) Transparent Orange Black - Marbled 2 Vinyl + Poster

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Tracklist: LP1 01. Revelations (Intro) 02. Unanswered 03. Hands Of A Killer 04. The Price Of Beauty 05. The Fallen 06. No Pity For A Coward 07. The Disease 08. Bludgeoned To Death 09. Girl Of Glass 10. In A Photograph 11. Eyes Sewn Shut 12. Green Monster 13. Destruction Of A Statue 14. A Dead Current LP2 01. Swarm 02. Engine No. 9 03. Unanswered (Live In Paris) 04. Bludgeoned To Death (Live In Paris) 05. The Price Of Beauty (Live In Paris) 06. Swarm (Live In Paris) 07. No Pity For A Coward (Live In Paris) 08. Green Monster (Live In Paris) 09. The Fallen (Live In Paris) 10. Destruction Of A Statue (Live In Paris) 11. Hands of a Killer (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes) 12. In a Photograph (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes) 13. The Fallen (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes) 14. Untitled (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)

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