Gift cards

You can find our vouchers here.

You can redeem your voucher (purchased, Discount-/promotional voucher) in the order process. At the checkout, you can easily apply the voucher by entering it into the box below 'Coupon code'. Once entered, you will need to click the 'apply coupon' button below. The voucher will then be applied to your order automatically.

Important Information:

Only one voucher/ discount can be redeemed per order.
Vouchers can only be used once, after which they will lose their validity.
A minimum order value is applicable to the discount/ promotional vouchers, of which it is clearly stated.
A period of validation applies to the discount/ promotion vouchers, this will be clearly stated.

Discount / promotional vouchers are proportionally allocated to all items in your order. For example if you buy 2 items each for 40€, a voucher of 10€ would mean that each article would then cost 35€. If these articles are then subsequently returned, the amount of 35€ each would then be refunded.

Gift vouchers used to pay for the articles, will in that case be refunded.