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Mayhem Mayhem Daemonic Rites - Ltd. Deluxe Golden 2 LP + CD Box Set

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Golden- Colored 2 Vinyl CD Poster Setlist Tour Laminat w/ Lanyard Signed Guitar Pick Set Tracklist: 01. Interlude Live 02. Falsified and Hated Live 03. To Daimonion Live 04. Malum Live 05. Bad Blood Live 06. My Death Live 07. Symbols of Bloodswords Live 08. Voces Ab Alta Live 09. Freezing Moon Live 10. Pagan Fears Live 11. Life Eternal Live 12. Buried by Time and Dust Live 13. Silvester Anfang Live 14. Deathcrush Live 15. Chainsaw Gutsfuck Live 16. Carnage Live 17. Pure Fucking Armageddon

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