Belphegor Belphegor Conjuring The Dead - Digipak CD + DVD

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Tracklist: CD 1 Gasmask Terror 2 Conjuring The Dead 3 In Death 4 Rex Tremendae Majestatis 5 Black Winged Torment 6 The Eyes 7 Legions Of Destruction 8 Flesh, Bones And Blood 9 Lucifer, Take Her! 10 Pactum In Aeternum DVD 1 Making of Conjuring The Dead: Rehearsing / Bass / Drum / Guitar tracking 2 Making of Conjuring The Dead: Vokills tracking 3 Angeli mortis de profundis (Live in Liverpool) 4 Diaboli virtus in lumbar est (Live Meh Stuff Open Air) 5 In blood - devour this sanctity (Live in Moscow) 6 Feast upon the dead (Unreleased, Live Eindhoven Metal Meeting) 7 Bondage goat zombie (Live Party San Festival) 8 Justine soaked in blood (Live Umea HOM Festival) 9 Backstage @ Rekwi Festival Germany 10 Sightseeing cult places: Burg Aggstein (Austria) 11 Sightseeing cult places: Bone church Kutna Hora (Czech Republic) 12 Tattoo and art section: Diashow 13 Rehearsal bunker: Inside the bunker 14 Rehearsal bunker: Schwarty "Swinefever" 15 Conjuring the dead (Official Video Clip) 16 Conjuring the dead (Making of)

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