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Stockholm based 6-piece Urma Sellinger burst onto the Swedish post-core scene at the beginning of 2010. Within the first few months the band got in contact with British producer and engineer Matt Hyde (Whose credits include Slipknot, Bullet for my Valentine, GallowsUrma Sellinger, Architects) full of ambition and determined to create the best debut they could. Early that summer the guys flew to London to record their 3-track EP "Live Laugh Love". A week after release the band hit #1 on most listened to tracks on MySpace in sweden. This response they received was more than this young band had ever hoped for, and very soon thoughts starting turning to a full length album.
Following the success of the debut EP, August 2010 saw Urma Sellinger elected for the "Peoples choice" spot at the festival 'Moshpit Open' playing alongside bands such as Enter Shikari, Yashin,We Are the Ocean, Bionic Ghost Kids, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, The Ghost Inside, Tek-one to name but a few! Now playing regularly in some of Sweden's most famous venues has only made these youngsters more passionate than ever about their music.
Having felt like they tasted their first success, and with a growing fanbase starting to spread from Sweden to other countries the work on their full-length album started for real. After the critically acclaim received for the EP, the question about whom their partner in crime for this album wasn't left unanswered for long. In February 2011 Matt got on a plane heading towards Sweden and the small town of Gävle where they all locked themselves up in a small studio together for 6 weeks to finish writing and recording what will be Urma Sellinger's debut album.

Stellt bitte eure Bandmitglieder kurz vor:
"We're six guys base out in Stockholm (Sweden) who one day decided to start a band. Since that day we've been writing music and trying to do stuff our way."

Wie würdet ihr eure Musik beschreiben?
"I hate putting music in boxes with weird name tags on them.. Each and every one of us comes from different backgrounds and we bring them to the writing table.

But I guess we’re playing some sort of “post-hardcore”… It’s basically one dude shouting stuff while another sings like a beautiful bird, haha. Check us out and tell us your side of the story!”

Wer oder was hat euch beeinflusst?
"As we're all from different backgrounds i guess we've got loads of different styles and genres in our pockets… Of course some of them aren't that easy to pick up by a quick listen to us but they're all in there somewhere.
Life in general usually works as a great influences!"

Was waren die bisherigen Höhe- und Tiefpunkte eurer Karriere?
"We haven't been around for centuries. We started this band in January 2010 i think, so it has just been about 2 year.
One of the highs got to be that we got in contact with Matt Hyde during our first couple of months as a band. We had three tracks and had just found Olle (singer). We didn't have any sort of expectations, but we came in contact with Matt and we did these three tracks with him and his team in London a few months later. It was pretty unreal at the time really… And since then it's been hard work, but we love every single day of it!"

Was wünscht ihr euch für die Zukunft?
"I guess all we want is to keep doing what we love. We hope our album meets the expectations and hopefully Iron Maiden will open for us next year, haha!"

Was ist das Beste und schlechteste an einer eigenen Band?
"The best thing is easily that people enjoy listening to something you've created you know. It's a weird feeling that we haven't really comprehended yet. Also to do all of this with your friends is definitely worth mentioning!"

Wie seht ihr den Underground?
"The scene here in sweden haven't gotten a solid base yet. And if you compare it to places like the UK or Germany it's barely there to see.. There's not many serious bookers and venues to play over here. And that's a shame because the kids over here are just mental!
So if I could wish for something it would probably be for some cool people to get their hand dirty, most of the independent tours and shows over are organized by the bands them selves…
All the people in the business both here in sweden and out there in the world tho, are super cool!
We've gotten loads of friends through this band!"

Hier könnt ihr noch was persönliches /euch wichtiges loswerden:
"I would just like to do a huge shout-out to our fans for their amazing support and everything they're doing in order to make all of this happen for us. It truly means the world!"


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